1. wire global brain: gigabit fiber etth; plug in to investigate the nature of metavalent stigmergy
2. liberate web minds: indieweb; connectedcourses to reduce and remove suffering of all beings
3. end poverty: basicincome; urban nomads to circulate the bounty of nature & technology with justice and liberty for all
4. be a better gamer: worldgame; the infinite game in gratitude
5. observe the observer observing the observed; question all absurders absurding the absurd (gaslighting); take Extreme Ownership for ending the madness in this third millennium Post-Automation Era.

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Michael Silverton

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Why? "I seem to be a verb." – Bucky (published 1Jan1970, of course).
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Global Cognition Group | Better thinking & doing with better thinking & doing machines through high quality data curation (HQDC) for domain-specific and mission critical AI, AGI, and HAI. Need to outsource or commission specific custom research?

Seems like the scientific method is finally catching up to Rethinking Death and the Primacy of Consciousness.

Patch for fiduciary duty vuln (Title 29, United States Code, Section 1104).

If I've learned anything during my first 64 years on the planet, it's that all misunderstandings in my life are always my fault, born of my failure to be clear. Under-articulating in some breathtakingly inept ways. By grace, so long as we are here on Earth, we have the opportunity to acknowledge our shortcomings and correct them. So, to clarify, as of the year 02024, I've observed that the best of humanity's collective scientific rigor indicates that Earthly existence is a kind of holographic (Susskind) simulation (Bostrom) constructed by the principles specified by the twelve-years-bygone reductionist Standard Model (CERN) of materialist physics.

In the Standard Model, humans achieved a 100% coherent mathematical model of less than 5% of that which is. We might disagree that when something is 95% inscrutable, is leaves a little room for humility. Put another way, according to CERN, we can "objectively," explain approximately 4.9% of so-called reality. Don't believe my pin-hole perspective. Always do your own reasearch. We are inquiring together.

What'll really bake your noodle is that fundamental and non-symbolic consciousness theories are increasingly testable and we're doing so, in exponentially accelerating new ways.

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whatever we do ...

The artist is distinguished from all other responsible actors in society — the politicians, legislators, educators, and scientists— by the fact that he is his own test tube, his own laboratory, working according to very rigorous rules, however unstated these may be, and cannot allow any consideration to supersede his responsibility to reveal all that he can possibly discover concerning the mystery of the human being.1
— James Baldwin

with our brief stay on earth ...

"According to the Planck mission team, and based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass — energy of the universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy. Currently, no proposed Theory of Everything has been widely accepted or verified.
Dark Matter

will be ultimately insignificant ...

Because, however smart you or I think we are, from the current 21st century vantage point, the totality of humanity's collective intelligence is able to comprehend — now that the Higgs boson has rounded out the Standard Model — less than 5% of WTF is. So, forgive me, you know, for ignoring criticisms of "utopia" and dismissing decrees of "just the way things are" ... however impressive or intimidating in origin. Ultimately, nobody knows the nature of our existential predicament any better than another. So all ideas count. All dreams have absolute material value.
— m.s.

and it's essential that we do it2

There is no such thing as innovation without imagination. There is nothing worthwhile to implement without IDEAS worth implementing. There may be nothing more dangerous in the world than the unfettered ability to EXECUTE absent integrity.
— m.s.

santa clara county history: the lost soul of silicon valley

"What kind of place was Palo Alto? Deeply subversive, in a very bright way." - Jerry Garcia

Like the kind of place that would hack super abundant and sustainable Digital Urban Nomad lifestyles, and strive to End Poverty once and for all. Maybe.

#WT4GF does it mean to cultivate conditions on earth as it is in heaven? What does it mean that the GoodPlace™ is at hand? What is the nature of the observing observer from the quantum ephemeral 10⁻⁴⁴ s to the (in)finite eternal 1010121 yr scale? We are traveling together, pilgrims.🙏🏼

where do dead bits go after we go?
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