Eventual Indieweb Micropub Endpoint

I have no idea what I'm doing. Clearly, a long, long way to go before I catch the first clue of how to use these very tools that I so yearned for 20 years ago. Grateful for their existence, good Bodhi Power Devs.

Someday, this may become a functioning micropub endpoint, scrabbled together from fragments of many sites. Micropub is a way to post things on your own blog using someone else’s posting interface.

Currently I'm copying this from Kartik Prabhu and attempting to use Aaron Parecki’s Quill. Barnaby WaltersTaproot interface may come later. First, to cobble together my own Idiot's Guide to First Post of my own notes. Don't hold your breath. No telling how long this might take.

IndieMark: the long and winding road ahead...