pitch deck

The first and most important investors to impress are you and your team. This is your passion, your vision, your skin in the game. Below are two of the best distillations of long-evolved processes for communicating ideas in ways that investors of all shapes and sizes can understand. Tech-centric, but infinitely adaptable to virtually any enterprise.

Despite reams of skeptical cross-examination and volumes of valid debunking, the process of disruption -- impermanence -- abides. So perhaps the proximate meta opportunity is to consider ways to disrupt disruption itself. To disrupt you, me, us, and the frozen conventional frameworks that hamper individual and collaborative potential. To disrupt perception, insight, creativity, problem solving. To refactor minds and +diff consciousness in the quest for ... let's call it an empiricism of subjectivity ... at one end of the spectrum, to sharing both ancient and modern frameworks that can be adopted anywhere, at the other.

It's said that the map is not the territory. True, nor is it intended or needed to be. It's said that the journey is the destination. If that's so, then the best destination forward begins with the journey within.

If you're feeling confused, then good work. That is the first sign that learning has begun. Keep rattling the rusty chains of conventional expectations and conditioning that bind you. Find the weakest, most oxidized link in that chain, and watch it dissolve into dust. You're free to engage, to clarify that confusion, to attain new understanding, to awaken a little more of your infinite potential. See? You're already well underway. i mua!

How to Pitch a VC Redesigned from Slides That Rock