so that happened

an abstract of fortunate and unfortunate events. wait. stop. try not to judge like that. stuff happened & will continue to happen, according to conditions.

2021-2022: encouraged to find a supremely pragmatic and down-to-earth fellow explorer echo his own unique articulation of a shared lifelong inquiry toward an objective understanding of subjective experience. That was fun, although probably nothing.

2020-2021: ftp, only hindsight has any chance of reviewing what happened here with some sense of independent perspective gained with the passage of linear time.

June 2021: an unexpectedly emotional tribute to professor John McCarthy and all the engineers who made the dream real at Waymo. My pitch to the company: "Yaymo with Waymo!" Need to make the experience much lighter and less intimidating. Many people are still sincerely kind of freaked out by AVs. The Post-Automation Era scares many people and I believe it is our duty to validate that, not dismiss it; address and alleviate suffering, responsibly and compassionately.

2018-2019: played around creating Library of Congress compliant pen name and qualified independent publishing label mostly while backpacking Hawaiʻi nei. Wrote and published this book(with obligatory free and open access version). First draft mostly written with voice to text on a solar-powered Pixel 2XL between camp sites.

2017-2018: it appears timbl and others have had enough, as solid was born. I'm at, for now, and may migrate this domain to solid, for fun.

2012-2017: the great downsizing at full-time RV academy.

2010-2011: the indiewebs, as digital commons transition; perhaps our best and maybe only hope for a marginally compassionate global cognition and living space on our frail, Pale Blue Dot, as some weird Global Brain Id appears to have hijacked our emergent (originally free, open, public) collaborative cognition space.